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Styling the home bar

When it comes to styling the home bar the devil is in the detail

So as lockdowns seem to come and go like the seasons the trip to local pub becomes a distant memory. Thousands of Brits aimed to combat the lack of pub-going by investing in a home pub, complete with bar and a selection of alcoholic favourites.

Setting up a home bar is quite easy and need not be an expensive venture. With a simple solution being a sideboard

Setting up a home bar is quite easy and need not be an expensive venture. As with every project though, there are more advanced options that will give you a vastly different experience. So whether you have a full-on, kitted out local at the bottom of your garden, or a sideboard dedicated to a bit of relaxation time, to get the authentic pub feel, you need to accessorise.

When it comes to setting the scene there are a good selection of items you can choose to give a home bar or garden pub the right feel. Why not invest in a handful of items to make the bar in the garden your new (very) local?

The full Monty

The complete home bar decor set from will be a great start to styling your home bar.

The complete set includes a pub sign – personalised to your pub name and with a cheeky “Established date” or other message. This is the first step in making the home bar experience more closely resemble the real thing!

Next up in the set is the cocktail sign. Perfect as a reminder of the ingredients to make those fancy drinks a success! Obviously the measures are entirely up to the bar tender so this one opens the door for the fun to begin.

Bar snacks come neatly served up on your customised snacks holder card. Nothing says pub more than a pack of KP Nuts or pork scratchings hanging on the traditional snack board behind the bar. Again personalisedwith your bars name and slogan.

Beer mats are a staple ingredient to any bar so why should your home bar be any different? With a decor set they’re included and as always, fully personalised to suit your pub.

The set also comes with an exclusive matching clock. Every establishment needs to be able to determine the right time – otherwise how can you host your very own lock-in?

Clearly you need to establish some rules for your home bar to avoid any trouble makers! The complete set includes a list of common pub rules which the home bar owner can insist all patrons adhere to. It’s up to you if anyone gets barred from your garden pub, but these ground rules are a good start!

There’s also a pump clip in the complete set to demonstrate what’s on offer at the bar. This is great if you’ve got any special brews on tap or just to emphasise the bar feel. Again fully personalised with the name of the establishment or the beverage

Proper signage for your home bar and pub

We offer a range of options for signage. All printed using weather resistant UV inks. There’s a choice of materials too – depending on your requirements. We have options for fixed signage as well as hanging signs. bar owners can choose one of our pub designs or supply your own and we’ll make it happen!

Bar tenders gift set

The Home Bar Gift Set comprises of a printed beer glass, six beer mats, a bar runner, a set of personalised playing cards and a bottle opener. With prices from £29.99 including P&P this is a great choice as a gift for a new or established home bar owner.

Beer mats

Nothing says pub more than a traditional printed beer mat! These are authentic, bar-style card beer mats exactly as you’d find in a traditional local pub.

Again we have a selection of beer mat designs to choose from or you can upload your own designs.

The printed beer mat or coaster is absolutely essential to start the home bar off in style. The term must-have is often overused but when describing the beer mats in this context it’s entirely accurate.

Protect your surface with a bar runner

Perhaps next on the list of essentials is the bar runner. Rubber backed, these protect the surface of your bar from wet bottoms. This practical item can however really add to the authentic pub feel and inject a bit of style into the bar area.

Choose a design or if you have an idea in mind or a theme of your own you can upload your own design. Personalising is easy – just tell us what text you would like and it’s all taken care of by our team.

Playing cards for the home bar

A pack of cards really does offer hours of entertainment. We offer a playing card printing service that’s hard to beat. You can upload an image or we can use one of our designs and personalise to your requirements. It’s super simple to have a set of playing cards that match your bar’s style and feel.

Another great gift for someone else especially if they have a home bar at the end of the garden.

With a set of personalised playing cards you can host the perfect poker night in your home bar.
Printed on 275gsm playing card material these cards are professional and stylish. They even come in a fully printed personalised box. What more could you need to set the home bar off in style?

Printed beer glasses for home bars

For the ultimate accessory for the home bar or man cave a printed beer stein is a must.

Printed in full colour these handled beer glasses are a sure fire way to add a touch of humour and class to the bar. Choose one of our designs to match any of the above items.
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