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Returns Policy

Refunds, returns and reprints.

If you’re unhappy with your order or there is a problem with the delivery, please call us on 01277 321 288 or email us as soon as you can to alert us to the problem.

Our returns policy is details in our terms.

Broadly though our viewpoint is that we want to offer 100% Customer satisfaction and for you to be happy with your purchase. So in the unlikely event that there’s any issue please let us know so we can put it right straight away for you.

All we ask is that you return any defective or damaged items for us to process a reprint or where appropriate a refund.

As we print items to our customer’s requirements it’s imperative that all items supplied to us are checked for quality and spelling errors etc as we cannot be held accountable for errors from supplied media/text. That being said we will always work with you to help put it right and try to avoid any errors in the first place.

Please ask for a proof prior to printing if you’re not 100% sure. We can normally accomodate this and not affect delivery lead times.

Damaged on Arrival

If the packaging of your order has been damaged, please accept the material from the courier and write on the document provided that you have accepted the package subject to checking. Once you have verified damage has occurred to the material inside the package you must call our Customer Service team on 01277 321 288 so we can process and reprint your order immediately.

If, when delivered, the printed product cannot be used because there is no packaging or the content are completely ruined, please do not accept the material and mark the refusal on the document provided by the courier. You must then call our Customer Service team on 01277 321 288 to inform us of the issue so we can proceed and reprint your order immediately. 

Full details of our policy can be found here.