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Complete Home Bar Gift Set

<div class="woocommerce et-dynamic-content-woo et-dynamic-content-woo--product_short_description"><p>Set Comprises of:</p>
<li>Personalised Bar Runner</li>
<li>2x Personalised  Beer Glasses</li>
<li>Personalised Bottle opener</li>
<li>29x42cm Personalised Rigid Sign</li>
<li>Personalised Key Ring</li>
<li>52 Personalised Playing Cards</li>
<li>12x Personalised Beer Mats</li>
<li>High Gloss 24cm Clock</li>
<h4>Individual Items worth over <span style="color: #ff0000;">£158! </span></h4>
<h3>Buy the whole set for <strong>just £99</strong></h3>

Complete Home Bar Gift Set

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Estimated delivery on 3 - 6 April, 2023

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Set Comprises of:

  • Personalised Bar Runner
  • 2x Personalised  Beer Glasses
  • Personalised Bottle opener
  • 29x42cm Personalised Rigid Sign
  • Personalised Key Ring
  • 52 Personalised Playing Cards
  • 12x Personalised Beer Mats
  • High Gloss 24cm Clock

Individual Items worth over £158!

Buy the whole set for just £99

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Estimated delivery on 3 - 6 April, 2023
Complete Home Bar Gift Set

If you’re looking for the best gift for a friend or family member who has their own bar, then look no further.

This set has everything a budding Bar owner could need! Everything in the set is personalised to match the name and style of the bar.

There are 2x 16oz Beer ‘Stein’ style glasses. These are custom printed with the bespoke personalisation details to match the whole set. Perfect for celebrating with a friend in the home bar! Plus they look great as a set on the shelf above the bar.

There’s also a personalised Bar Runner with the bar name and your own custom text! These are ideal for any bar and really look the part.

Included with the set is a dozen beer mats – just like down the local pub, fully personalised to match the set.

There’s also a matching Bar Clock – again customised to suit the rest of the set.

The handy bottle opener features the bar name in a glossy acrylic printed handle insert.

Also in the set is a key ring with the bar name on!

We’ve also added a personalised pack of 52 poker-sized playing cards.

Looking for the perfect gift set for a home bar owner?

Home Bar Gift Sets

The ultimate bar accessories for the home pub!

The Home Bar Gift Set of unique bar accessories from comprises of a home bar runner, a printed beer glass with handle and 12 beer mats! Personalise the design by adding your own text to one of our designs – or upload your own!

For the ultimate home bar gift set including a bar runner, a printed beer glass with handle, a wooden handled bottle opener, a set of playing cards and 12 beer mats!

Beer glass gift set

The value of these Gift Sets is superb, the set offers a huge saving over buying these items individually! Ordinarily a beer glass gift set would set you back £30 on it’s own. The beer glass gift set includes the beer glass and the unique home accessories too!

The set includes an A3 rigid PVC home bar sign suitable for outdoor use

We offer a range of home bar accessories so you’re bound to find something for the home-bar enthusiast.

The Home Bar Gift Set is an ideal solution, whether it’s for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or Christmas gift.

As we can customise and personalise the design to suit your requirements, the possibilities are endless!

Please feel free to call or chat with us if you have any questions about the Home Bar Gift Set

If you’re looking for the ultimate accessories you need to put in your home bar, this set is ideal!

Home Bar Beer Mats

Our custom printed, personalised beer mats are the essential item – the result is the finishing touch to anyone’s home bar!

Our custom-printed coasters are the perfect way to make a lasting memory! Why not inject a bit of fun into the home-bar in the garden!

Our custom beer mats are 94mm round, with 14mm radius corners.

Custom Beer Mats are the ideal, unusual gift. In fact they’re great for birthdays, anniversaries or festive gifts

Home Bar Runners

Our custom bar runner mats are printed 40cm by 21cm with a rubberised backing and edge – exactly as the ones found in the local pub


Home Bar Playing Cards

The custom Personalised Playing Cards are printed on Premium Grade card, designed specifically for playing cards. This material is superior to regular cardboard and is precision-engineered to prevent the cards from being see-through.

The density of the card for Personalised Playing Cards is the key – making sure they are completely opaque, but still manageable  – i.e. they can be easily handled and shuffled whilst playing cards.

Perfect for Party Poker Nights, sophisticated Bond-themed parties or as a personalised gift.

These decks of playing cards are fully customised with the image to the back of the card.

With full colour printing to the front and back of the cards the personalised cards really do stand out from the crowd.

Our playing cards are printed on professional opaque playing card board (275gsm)

This deluxe set includes a wooden-handled metal bottle cap opener too.

The Printed Home Bar Beer Glass

The set includes two unique glass beer steins personalised with your graphic will be printed directly onto the glass!

  • Comes with unique ‘trigger’ style handle for easy holding and a stylish look
  • Holds 16oz of fluid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Two glasses per set.


This bar gift set of accessories is great for a budding home bartender. If your friends or family have recently invested in a home bar then this set is the ideal gift.

The Custom Bar Runner will make a lasting impression in the home bar – printed and customised to be just like the one’s in the local pub.

Likewise, the personalised beer mats are a great talking point and really set the scene! Plus they are a practical gift – helping to protect the bar room furniture from liquid on the bottom of glasses.

The Deluxe bar accessories gift set includes:

  • Custom/Personalised Home Bar Runner
  • Two Printed Beer Glasses
  • 12 Premium Printed Home Bar Beer Mats
  • Printed Key Ring
  • A set of matching Playing Cards for the home bar
  • A wooden handle beer bottle opener
  • An A3 sign – suitable for indoor or outdoor use (29.7cm x 42cm)
  • A custom made clock for the home bar


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