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18x A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipacks

18x A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipacks

From: £29.99

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  • Save 17% • 36 backdrops • Save £10

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  • A2 size – 59.4cm x 42cm (16.5″ x 23.4″)
  • Waterproof Photographic Backdrops
  • 18 high resolution prints per pack
  • Stone, grunge, wooden styles
  • Non-reflective material – ideal for photography
  • Easy to clean and re-use Reviews

18x A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipacks Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 48 reviews.
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18x A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipacks

A2 sized waterproof Backdrops with 18 prints – ideal for photography

Choice of 2 packs, each with 18 high quality prints included.

Styles include wood, rust, concrete, tile, natural textures. So you’re bound to find the perfect background for your images with these comprehensive sets.

Photo Backdrop FAQ

  • How many photography backdrops are included?

    Each pack consists of 18 A2 backdrops. The dual pack has 36 in total. The packs include a mixture of textures including: wood, grunge, natural, metal stone and more.

  • Are these backdrops waterproof?

    Yes. The backdrops can be easily wiped clean after use and any liquids or spillages during your photoshoot will come right off.

  • What are they made from?

    These photography backdrops are made from a paper material that’s impregnated with a rich non-permeable membrane. This protects them from liquids, yet allows us to print the high-resolution texture to the surface. The material itself is non-glossy and the inkjet technology we employ means the image is printed perfectly using micro-dot technology. This means that the ink is dry as soon as it touches the paper – resulting in an incredibly sharp dot of ink.

    This technology ensures that the image is encapsulated by the material – meaning there’s not a layer of ink on the surface. Therefore, when you take a photograph with these backgrounds you’ll get less glare and reflections compared to laser printed items.

  • What can these backgrounds be used for?

    Some of our customers use these for food photography as they’re wipeable. Others are employing them in the online stores – to improve their product photography. They are large enough for several applications. You can even use multiple prints in the same shot to build a scene with ease. With 18 in each pack you’re sure to get the results you need.

  • Can I use these with a flash and or strobe studio lights?

    As with all photography getting the correct lighting is key. That’s why we’ve developed these backgrounds to offer complete flexibility. The material allows them to be waterproof and wipeable and yet the printing technology we employ ensures that any gloss or sheen is absolutely minimal.

  • What size are these backdrops?

    They are A2 size – 59.4cm x 42cm (16.5″ x 23.4″). Examples of the scale can be seen in the pictures. The size is the equivalent to 4 pieces of A4 paper laid out. This size is manageable, yet practical – you can shot with plenty of surrounding space or even focus in really tight for a macro shot!

    Due to their size they are ideal for easy transportation and importantly, safe storage.

  • What makes these the best backdrops for food and product photography?

    The backdrops are ideal for product photography as they are a good size for use on a desktop especially when photographing small to medium size items. They are perfect for good shots as they can be wiped clean easily after use. They are so incredibly versatile and there’s18 in each pack –so great value all round

  • These packs, each made up of 18 professional backdrop prints are perfect for food stylists looking for a quick and simple to use photography backdrop.

    The material is completely waterproof. This means that when you need a quick, clean backdrop for your Instagram or Product image, you can simply use these.

    They are printed on opaque, non-reflective, washable sheets. This means they are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They can be used again and again. This results in an item that will not only make your product and lifestyle images pop, but a great investment for your photo studio.

    What size are the A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipack of 18 prints?

    Printed at A2 size – 59cm x 42cm (16.5″ x 23.4″), they are great addition to any photographer’s arsenal.
    You will receive 18 prints for the special price of just £29.99.

    These sheets are normally sold individually for £12 each so this pack really does represent great value.

    Mix and match the sheets to create the right tone for your photos.

    Ideal for product photos, food shots, close-up photography.

    Inkjet printed directly to the surface of lay-flat material. These sheets can be stored safely and kept perfectly clean. Roll them up and they will stay perfectly flat next time you need them.

    A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipack of 18 prints,

    Why is a photography background so important?

    Eb over at Easy Peasy Foodie has written a superb article about food photography and has some great advice and examples of why the background to photography is so important. Check out Eb’s blog at Easy Peasy Foodie

    What makes these backdrops so versatile?

    Choice: There are 36 different textures to choose from – so you’re bound to find a suitable background for your food or product photography.

    A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipack of 18 prints,

    A2 is ideal for plates of food and accessories…

    Size: A2 is big enough for plates of food and accessories so you’ll spend less time tidying up elements in Photoshop!

    Material: Low-reflection means that you can use studio, natural, strobe or off-camera lighting without obvious glare and distortion.

    Flexibility: Unlike paper photography backdrops, these backgrounds are waterproof. This means that even if you spill food or drinks on them, they’re easily cleaned and ready for re-use. In addition, they are really robust. This means that they won’t tear or crease easily. As a result you’ll find they last a lot longer and give a much better return on investment.

    A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipack of 18 prints, A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipack of 18 prints,

    A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipack of 18 prints,

    A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipack of 18 prints,
    A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipack of 18 prints,

    A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipack of 18 prints,

    A2 Waterproof Photographic Backdrops Multipack of 18 prints,


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