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A Board Game for Nit-Wits

A Board Game for Nit-Wits


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 We will send your order on or before 22/10/2021
  • Complete with four game pieces
  • Includes Dice
  • 100 Questions
  • 70 Chance Cards Reviews

A Board Game for Nit-Wits Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 48 reviews.
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A Board Game for Nit-Wits

A BOARD GAME FOR NIT-WITS – Designed as an unofficial tribute to the hit BBC comedy series “This Country”

Taking Facebook by storm! The board game is centred around the theme of the BAFTA Award winning series This Country

The Vicar’s got one. Even Big Mandy! Len’s been hoarding ’em and Levi, Levi can’t get enough of the Board Game for Nit-Wits!

Martin reckon’s it’s “the best [board game] in the West.”

Kerry and Kurtan play it down at the bus stop…and even “old bag” June has had a go…

The EXCLUSIVE This Country inspired board game.

(***Unofficial*** Bought a job-lot off Martin Mucklowe down the Keepers)

A This Country inspired board game – just for a laugh…

2 or more players, go round the board answering Questions or taking a Chance card. For example

  • Why did Kurtan give up on Tinder? 
  • What was the title of Mandy’s first story at book club?
  • What did Arthur try to open his front door with?
  • What item did Len need in his lockup garage?

Visit scenes from the hit TV Show as you navigate around the board. Land on a chance card and act out the task or move a set amount of spaces depending on the positive or negative nature of the card.

  • Ideal for fans of the BBC series This Country looking for entertainment with up to 4 other players.
  • Includes 4 game pieces and a dice.
  • Complete with 100 questions themed around the show
  • Over 70 Chance Cards to advance around the board.
  • Complete in professionally printed box.
  • Instruction sheet included in the box (rules by Mandy – of course).
  • A Board Game for Nit-wits – inspired by This Country.

The oldest player goes first (Unless you’re Big Mand, in which case you automatically get two goes each time AND go first.), then the other players take turns.

Enjoy playing with friends or alternatively to settle differences with enemies from everywhere. For example South Cerney, North Cerney, Cerney Wick and Bourton-on-the-Water.

Please note: as the game follows the theme of the famous T.V. show, some of the questions include language similar to that used in the show. Therefore we do not recommend for under 16’s.

An image depicting Kerry Mucklowe and Mandy playing A Board Game For Nit-Wits.

Kerry Mucklowe and Mandy playing A Board Game For Nit-Wits – based on the hit BBC Comedy This Country



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