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Boredom-Busting Personalised Gifts your Family and Friends will Love

We have all been in lockdown for a long time, and if there is one thing that we can all agree on, it is that being under a lockdown is incredibly boring. As we all run out of Netflix shows to binge and grow tired of the news about tier systems and infection rates, we have been keeping busy with for the past ten months, and the time has come to incorporate some news ways to pique our interest. We’ve put together a few ideas for personalised gifts for family and friends to banish boredom!

This is the perfect opportunity to give a gift to snap someone out of their boredom! Sure, you could send some flowers or some kind of food basket, but we have created a list of a few gifts that have a bit more of a wow factor! Surprise your loved ones with a gift that offers a little more personality. Check out our three favourites below! 

#1 Personalised Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

The personalised photo jigsaw puzzle is a fantastic gift to give to your family and friends. Your loved ones will get a kick out of trying to piece together a picture of their own face. You don’t have to choose a picture of them, and you can select a photo from a holiday or family occasion. 

A fresh puzzle is a great way to break up the boring activities we have all become accustomed to during quarantine. There are plenty of different options – choose the number of pieces that suit you the best, but why not shoot for a higher count than you are used to? You have plenty of time to take on a new challenge. 

We’ve got a 1000 piece photo jigsaw puzzle, a 425 piece photo jigsaw puzzle, or a 205 piece photo jigsaw puzzle.

Personalised Gifts for Friends and Family, Boredom-Busting Personalised Gifts your Family and Friends will Love, getitprinted.com

And if you’re looking for something a little different – try the Hex Photo Puzzle!

#2 Personalised Playing Cards and Box 

If you are looking for a quick and convenient personalised gift for friends and family, there is nothing like having your own custom deck of playing cards. Much like the puzzle, you can choose any photo you would like! Printed on premium grade card stock, your personalised deck is perfect for any card game and is sure to entertain with your customised photo pick! This is an excellent option for friends and family celebrating anniversaries, engagements, pregnancies, and other life milestones while stuck in lockdown. 

#3 Personalised Home Bar Accessories

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that lockdown has been great for those of us who like to enjoy a couple of drinks throughout the day. Every day is Saturday, when it is a lockdown. When most of us would prefer a “Lock-in” to a Lockdown…the home bar is the perfect combination!

Many people have missed going to the pub so much that they have invested in a home bar or garden pub! Our range of accessories offer the perfect finishing touch to a home bar setting! Help friends and family to get ready to re-live those distant memories of pub-life! 

Our set includes Pub Signs, Beer Mats, Pump Graphics, Clocks, Cocktail Menus, Bar Room Rules and more!

Gifting a pack of custom bar beer mats is great for the friend or family member who still likes to party even during quarantine – no judgment here! Not only can you customise the messaging on these mats, but you can also change up the shape to create a truly personalised gift. 

Can you Control The Virus in this unique board game?

Personalised Gifts for Friends and Family, Boredom-Busting Personalised Gifts your Family and Friends will Love, getitprinted.com

One surefire way to banish the boredom of being stuck in – Control the Virus Board game!

Designed by the team at getitprinted.com during the first lockdown, this game captures the frustration we were all feeling at the restrictions and new way of life we were all adapting to. The game features a Bounce Back Loan spinner as well as a Quarantine area. Complete with dice and player pieces, this light-hearted game offers some much needed mental stimulation when there’s not much else to do with the family!

Collect ‘pills’ as you go around the board, avoid being sent to Quarantine and running out of toilet roll…see if you can manage the pandemic better than the Government!

The Bottom Line

Gifts have a way of making even the worst days a bit better! During the lockdown, many of us struggle to stay positive and optimistic – especially when we start feeling bored and have trouble finding something to do with our time. Giving a personalised gift that your loved ones can use to entertain themselves will add a little brightness to their day. 

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Covid-19 Statement from getitprinted.com

PLEASE NOTE: SOME DELIVERIES MAY BE AFFECTED BY COVID-19 Our delivery service providers have advised us that due to high demand and staff shortages some deliveries are being affected. To avoid delays we recommend choosing our Express Service which is still able to...



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