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How To: Salons And Hairdressers Open Safely Post Lockdown

Tens of thousands of hair salons and barbers shops are desperate to re-open their doors.

We’ve put together this helpful guide to the products we offer that can help make sure that hair salon are compliant with the regulations.

Social distancing is an absolute requirement of anyone looking to re-open. Without official guidelines from the Government, this is open to interpretation but it’s best to continue to adhere to the standard 2m guidelines that have become synonymous with the Covid-19 pandemic.

To achieve a safe distance in many salons is going to be a challenge – especially those in smaller scenarios where space is at a premium. To help with this several companies are offering screens to help divide the salon – in particular between chairs to help encourage customers and staff to keep apart.

Some of the screens differ in quality, practicality and of course, cost. Here’s a quick guide to what’s out there, and the pro’s and con’s to each.

getitprinted.com Hair Salon Screens

From £179


  • Available within 5-7 days
  • Easy to erect and position
  • Simple and fast to keep clean
  • Fully customised to match your brand style
  • Maximum width to offer optimal protection


  • Slightly more expensive than the “pop-up” method

“What makes these screens ideal is their size, and the fact that they can be fully customised whilst being able to keep them clean with anti-bacterial sprays and bleach.” Natalie adds “I’ve spent a lot of money building up my brand so for me being able to show my clients that I’ve invested in a quality screen to protect them is of paramount importance to me.”

Natalie – https://knightandjackson.com/

As we design and manufacture every screen in our own purpose built studio in Essex, we’re able to offer a fully customised design and print on the screens.

“The look and style of the dividers really is important – especially when you consider how much time and effort we’ve invested in making our salons look so good. It’s really critical to get it right.” 

Natalie – https://knightandjackson.com/

getitprinted.com wanted to offer a solution that’s practical, long lasting and good looking, and from the feedback we’ve had so far we’ve really hit the mark with these.

Protect Customers at your hair salon with divider screens, How To: Salons And Hairdressers Open Safely Post Lockdown, getitprinted.com

Roller Banner / Pull-up stands Mechanisms

Expect to spend at least £120 per pop-up banner (based on 1.2m wide with VAT and delivery)


  • Cheap
  • Providing materials in stock can probably be supplied in under 7 days.
  • Lightweight


  • Flimsy and likely to fall over / fail
  • Very difficult to successfully clean to required standards
  • Will clog up with hair trimmings and moisture from sprays etc
  • Do not offer adequate protection unless over a metre wide.
  • Not intended for use in this manner

Several companies are selling these as a solution for stylists and salons. However anyone who’s bought and tried to use one of these cheap roller banner mechanisms in the past will know that they’re not that easy to get along with. Designed primarily for light, occasional use at shows and exhibitions, the fact that people are re-purposing them to make a quick fix for this purpose is baffling. 

The graphical part of the system is being replaced with a clear, flexible material. This not only looks really cheap, but also raises questions about how well these items can be cleaned – especially when you consider the static from these is going to attract hair and dust throughout the day.

Protect Customers at your hair salon with divider screens, How To: Salons And Hairdressers Open Safely Post Lockdown, getitprinted.com
These cheaper “Roller Mechanism” Screens look awful. The cassette mechanism at the bottom is a breading ground for Covid particles and it’s very difficult to sanitise sufficiently.

Cleaning? Good luck…

Use of bleach and other spray liquids will ultimately end up inside the mechanism/cassette section on the floor, which will also fill up with hair very quickly – rendering them completely useless.

As roller banners are designed not to be knocked into, placing them between salon chairs where they’ll be knocked and tangled with cables etc will make them unstable – probably ending in a very upset customer who may have been injured in the process. Not ideal at all.

In terms of size, the 800mm “screens” are very narrow and will offer virtually no protection from coughs and sneezes – especially when you consider how they can spread around the sides and over the top. Some companies are offering wider roller banners, but considering the points outlined above, when you factor in the fact that the 1.2m ones are over £120 each and are very difficult to manage – is that a sound investment?

Permanent Glass or Perspex Screens 

Typically £400+


  • Sturdy
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Unlikely to cause injury


  • Expensive
  • May need professional, permanent installations
  • Long lead time required to install and fit
  • Some parts are in very short supply in the U.K.

These are offered by shop fitters and salon furniture suppliers. They’re great in that they are sturdy, designed for purpose and can be hygienically cleaned with ease. The major downsides though are the shear costs – at the moment they’re trending online at over £400 each, excluding delivery and installation. (These need to be professionally built in-store to avoid injury.) Also, they are made from glass or perspex the latter being in very short supply at the moment – with all the demand for shops and retailers looking for PPE to be able to re-open safely. So by comparison, the getitprinted.com screens are just as solid, can be fully customised to suit your brand and they’re easily put together in seconds once they arrive in the salon. Also their sturdy construction is ideal for the purpose, they can also be moved when required by one or two members of staff, with ease – permanent shop fittings can not.


Whilst we are conscious that many salon managers looking to re-open will be on a tight budget, and looking for the cheapest option, as the old adage goes “buy cheap, buy twice.” This almost guaranteed with the pull-up option. They’re simply put, not fit for this purpose.

The permanent screens that can be installed by your shop fitter will cost you more than the getitprinted.com screens, and it’s very unlikely these will be in your salon, ready for you to safely re-open.

The getitprinted.com screens can be fully customised, and are built to last. We use solid PVC material, to form a 10mm thick, sturdy screen with a large window to let the natural light through – perfect for colourists and stylists alike.

Our screens are delivered by our own dedicated courier and as such we can make sure you get them in one piece and also provide an exact time and regular updates on delivery.

The screens are 1.8m tall and 1.2m wide and really do look the part in any salon, spa or studio.

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